Of major concern to residents and aviation groups that currently use the existing runway is the plan to decommission it…this will add even more air traffic over the newly controlled Noosa region airspace – from smaller aircraft etc helicopters that currently use the existing runway. The prize by decommisioning the existing runway is potentially , that the redevelopment of that land is worth a considerablY HIGHER return to the investors…although as an asset belonging to ratepayers pf the Sunshine Coast it begs the question who is ultimately out of pocket…

The closure of the existing runway would eliminate any capacity for noise sharing through the balanced use of existing air traffic routes in combination with new routes for 13/31.

FPF advocates strongly that 18/38 runway be retained for future use, in particular for General Aviation operators, who, without runway 18/36, will have to use runway 13/31, thus increasing air traffic along sections of the proposed flight path routes.

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The closure of runway 18/36 would place an unnecessary and additional burden on communities under proposed new flight paths by concentrating all air traffic movements along new approach and departure routes for runway 13/31. FPF believes it is essential that runway 18/36 be retained for concurrent use with runway 13/31 to enable noise mitigation and noise sharing for communities impacted by flight paths. The above figures are from the 2014 EIS Summary of Major Findings (page 37).

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