– A letter has been sent to Airservices Australia and CASA from FPF’s legal advisors requesting a halt in lodgement of the proposed flight paths. Thanks for your ongoing action, donations and support.


– There are two types of submissions we would like residents to consider doing:
1) Respond to Airservices Australia’s final report by the 26th July 2019, providing a copy to the Air Noise Ombudsman and also make comments on the ASA’s interactive map. https://engage.airservicesaustralia.com
Comments to be made could include:
a) Poorly conducted consultation and no advice received from the Sunshine Coast Council or Airservices Australia of the consultation process (if applicable);
b) There was no consultation, it was only telling residents what had been decided.
c) No consideration given to any flight paths outside the EIS.
d) Express your outrage at how the whole consultation was handled.
e) Frustrated with the lack of response by Airservices Australia to points raised.
f) Airservices did not comply with their own stated objectives and protocols.
g) The noise impacts have been understated.
h) Any other comments you wish to make.

2) Respond to Sunshine Coast Airport Master Plan

Please follow this link to view the draft Master Plan and make your submission through the online feedback form:



 Submissions to be in by 5.00pm on the 9th August.  Please ensure that you include Your name, your address, your email address and if applicable the name of the community group that you represent.  The following comments can be considered:

a) The EIS had stated that runway 18/36 would be retained for certain General Aviation activities.  Even if the runway is shortened, it would be sufficient for General Aviation activities.
b) CASA’s dispensation for SCA has been lifted and it is now up to airlines to land aircraft on the narrow runway, therefore this is not a reason to close the existing runway.   Keeping the existing runway will allow aircraft to land when the prevailing winds may not be suitable for the new runway.
In addition continue to submit your concerns to the local newspapers, the Courier Mail and the Australian.

‘These flight paths are a done deal’ – ASA and SCC told us that in April.

Revised routes now go directly over Teewah, Lake Weyba, Lake Cooroibah, Tinbeerwah with the most heavily impacted communities being at Yandina Creek and Verrierdale. All areas north from Yandina Creek can expect overflights of aircraft at far less than 5000ft. 

ASA state their ‘findings’ were consistent with the EIS, but the EIS does not include impact assessment results for any of the myriad of environmental reserves, lakes, rivers and wetlands scattered through our coastal and hinterland areas. ‘Identification’ is not the same as ‘assessment.’