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I/We have lived in the suburb of Click or tap here to enter text.since Click or tap here to enter text.

I/We have recently purchased a home in the suburb of Click or tap here to enter text.

I/ We chose to live in this part of the Sunshine Coast believing that our property value would be secure and that our lifestyle would be protected from the over development occurring south of Mount Coolum.

Our lifestyle is now under threat from the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion project.

Community Consultation

I/We believe there are flaws/failings in the Community Consultation process and I/ we wish to draw your attention to the flowing points in order to illustrate this fact.

As a resident impacted by these flight path proposals I/we wish to advise that I/we have not been directly canvassed by either Airservices Australia/ Sunshine Coast Council/ Noosa Shire Council or the airport project team for our feedback on these flight path proposals.

I/We have only become aware of these flight path proposals due to community action and media coverage which began on Monday 1st April 2019.

I/ We have never been advised of the existence of the Community Aviation Forum Group which apparently has existed since 2014 to provide local residents with access to discussion and information on all aspects of the expansion project, which is contrary to the supposed inclusive nature of newly affected communities within a 40km radius of the airport. (Refer: to the EIS, Chapter D5, 5.2 and Chapter A7, 7.5 and Coordinator General’s Evaluation Report p61)

I/We attended the session at Click or tap here to enter text.

I/We found the recent Community Consultation sessions to be poorly organised and lacking in suitably qualified and experienced representatives who could answer my questions.

I/We request an extension to the consultation period of 1 month to allow ASA to facilitate more productive and informative community consultation.

Social Impact

The social impact of these flight path proposals north of Mount Coolum has been under referenced in the EIS as part of the Social Impact Statement. 

I/We are of the opinion that any social impacts considered in the Social Impact Statement are insufficient in their scope and do not reference those of us who will be severely and permanently impacted by aircraft movements over our area – in particular with aircraft movements occurring below 5000ft (Refer: EIS, D2, 2.9.2)

Of grave concern is the lack of information provided by real estate agents with regard to proposed flight paths.

I/We have purchased land/property in an affected community area since 2014 without any information being provided by my/our real estate agent about proposed flight path routes.

Affected communities under proposed flight path routes were identified on the stakeholder area engagement radius map to 40km (Refer to the EIS Chapter A7, Fig.7.5a). However, the SCA Information Bulletin Distribution Area Map shows that the maximum reach of engagement material was only 30km and not done on the same radial approach, instead applied in a rectangular coverage and as such many affected communities were not informed about consultation and feedback opportunities, or proposed flight paths.

Noise Impacts

The Terms of Reference (TOR) states that the proponent should effectively convey noise impact information to the community (Refer: TOR Part C, 3.1 page 63)

I/We do not believe that this has occurred and certainly not in a timely manner; contradictory information has been presented to us both verbally and in the form of fact sheets at the ASA community info. sessions which is not consistent with information set out in the EIS or AEIS (Refer to:  SCA Proposed Airspace Runway Changes Fact Sheet Fig. 3 and the AEIS, Table 3.2a Item Nos. 13, 173, 174, 178)

The EIS states that noise impacts of internal 50dBA (60dBA external) at night have the potential to cause ‘awakening’ and affect sleep thus impacting our health and mental wellbeing. (Refer: EIS Chapter D3, and TOR, Part C, 3.2, page 63) A salient point which has not been included in information presented to the public at recent community consultation sessions either verbally or in fact sheet form.

The information presented to residents at recent community information sessions has shown only dB(A) levels for potential noise impacts from a B737-700 which is apparently ‘typical’ of all aircraft.  (Refer: EIS D3 3.5.2) Noise modelling maps for the A320 would indicate otherwise. (Refer: EIS, D3, compare Fig. 3.5h and Fig. 3.5p)

I/We request Airservices Australia apply a curfew to any aircraft operations at Sunshine Coast Airport between the hours of 10pm and 7am, enforceable by law. The ‘Fly Neighbourly’ policy with voluntary curfew currently in existence is open to abuse and will not provide adequate protection for affected residents into the future.

Flight Path Impacts

Much of the visual map information presented to the public in the form of ‘Fact Sheets’ primarily shows arrivals and not departures, which prevents residents gaining an understanding of the full potential impacts.

Airspace design maps are of varying scales thus inhibiting the public’s ability to gain a genuine idea of what is being proposed (Refer: EIS Chapter D2, Figs.2.10a, and 2.10b, page 185) Fig. 2.10a is twice the scale of Fig. 2.10b. If they were both the same scale, the new flight path airspace would look horrendous in comparison.

The Terms of Reference states that assessment of aircraft activities must extend to a 20 nautical mile (37km) radius of the airport (Refer: TOR p63) As a sample – noise modelling maps for aircraft below 5000ft do not extend to this distance (Refer: D3 Figs. 3.5h, 3.5j, 3.5l, 3.5n). Further clarity of potential impacts is needed. 

I/We request ASA provide evidence that alternative options were considered to the flight paths currently under review. If such information is not available I/We request ASA undertake a full review of flight paths north of Mt Coolum to ascertain if routes with less impact on residents can be designed.

Environmental impacts

The Terms of Reference states that there must be discussion in the EIS of impacts on wilderness areas, wildlife and amenity. I/We can find little or no reference of these impacts on Lake Cooroibah, Lake Macdonald, Lake Weyba or the Noosa Biosphere, the DIWA listed areas of Noosa River and Lake Weyba or National Parks or the Fish Habitat Area (FHA) of Lake Weyba in the areas north of Mt Coolum. (Refer: TOR, Part C, 3.2)

With aircraft movements of below 5000ft there exists the potential for impacts on Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) and Matters of State Environmental Significance (MSES) including rare, threatened and vulnerable species which have not been referenced in the EIS (Refer TOR, 5. p17) in Lake Weyba and surrounds and the Noosa River.

Both Lake Weyba and the Noosa River are listed in the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia (DIWA.) However, the proponent noted in the AEIS that there are no wetlands of national importance adjacent to the project area. (Refer AEIS Table 3.2a Item No.111) Impacts on these pristine and protected wetland areas must be fully assessed.


A native title claim is under determination for Lot 509 on NPW594, which encompasses much of the area under proposed flight paths including Lake Weyba which holds significant cultural heritage for First nation peoples.  This has not been referenced in the EIS.

The 2014 EIS is well out of date and must be rewritten using up to date information. The EIS took no account of resident population growth of the area in its considerations. The 2014 EIS is now out of date and should be re-written in order to full assess the number of people affected by these impacts.

I/We request a new Environmental Impact Statement study be undertaken to fully assess both cultural and environmental impacts not previously referenced in the 2014 EIS.



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Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)


Additional Information to the EIS (AEIS)


Terms of Reference (TOR)


Coordinator Generals Evaluation report


Sunshine Coast Airport Fact Sheet