Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to the FPF fighting fund so far – your support is greatly appreciated!


FPF invites all members and residents from all northern Sunshine Coast communities to join us for this Q & A meeting.

Flight Path Forum are inviting the following representatives to join them as guests on the panel:

  • Sunshine Coast Council – Mayor Jamieson
  • Noosa Council – Mayor Wellington
  • Airservices Australia – Daniel Jackson
  • Sunshine Coast Airport – Andrew Brodie / Frank Mondello
  • State Member for Noosa – Sandy Bolton
  • State Member for Ninderry – Dan Purdie
  • Federal Member for Wide Bay – Llew O’Brien
  • Federal Member for Fisher – Ted O’Brien

We are asking our members and the wider community to forward their questions to us. FPF will then summarise these questions and forward to panel attendees in order that they can prepare a response ahead of the meeting – send your questions to:

We believe this format will encourage representatives to attend and give them time to avail themselves of any relevant information they may need in order to provide the public with factual and substantiated answers to clarify issues raised.


Thank you to all those who have helped with flyer deliveries over the last week!


Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO)

FPF initiated correspondence with the ANO after the announcement of the investigation into complaints regarding the proposed SCA flight paths. The ANO has indicated that many of the complaints and submissions they have received fall within their investigative remit. They are encouraging feedback regarding the release of the Summary of Feedback Part one which occurred on 7 June. The investigation is able to consider issues of this process and the way in which community feedback has been addressed and released. Please be mindful that the ANO is also considering all previous submissions and collectively we have already provided hundreds of copies of submissions from the ASA March/ April consultation. We want to assist the investigation rather than hinder with enormous volumes of information. However, the ANO is receptive to further comment. Their investigation will take time – as yet we are unable to advise of a date by which it might be completed. Suffice to say the ANO is already seeking information and clarification on a number of matters and causes of concern from ASA. At this stage the investigation is not envisaged to delay or impact upon the flight path lodgement process.

Airservices Australia (ASA)

The release of the much anticipated TEIA on 7 June, has given our research team a substantial amount of new information to correlate with the 2014 Environmental Impact Statement and associated guidelines and legislative requirements. FPF were contacted by ASA prior to the release of the Summary of Feedback Part 1 and the TEIA. Though discussions were strictly limited to the release of these documents, they have indicated a willingness to maintain open communications and we are preparing to submit further questions to them next week. ASA have been invited to send a representative to attend the meeting on 22 June.

Civil Aviation & Safety Authority (CASA)

Airservices Australia are preparing to lodge an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) to CASA in order for documentation and final flight path designs to be reviewed, airspace equity assessed and approval sought from the Office of Airspace Regulation. These processes must occur before August in order for new flight paths and changes to airspace to be published for a runway opening date of May 2020.  FPF has established contact with CASA and information about processes and requirements for lodging an Airspace Change proposal (ACP) has been forthcoming. Our discussions with CASA are continuing as we further our understanding of the process of lodging flight paths and the approvals process.


FPF is now representing in excess of 3500 residents. As the main and specific action group, any legal appeal will be lodged by FPF on behalf of all affected residents, irrespective of a resident’s membership of a different community group. FPF is working closely with legal counsel on behalf of all aligned resident’s associations, so that our message is clear and our voice united.

FPF have supplied a brief to a barrister and are working with a local legal firm to facilitate further discussions. We are seeking advice from legal counsel on a number of issues that have arisen as a result of our research. No formal letter of engagement has been signed as yet.


In the next week FPF should have a better understanding of costs required in the case of legal action.




  1. To establish stakeholder engagement panel to include representatives from flight path affected communities in balance with representatives from stakeholders with a vested financial interest.


  1. To ensure the engagement of an independent chairperson to ensure full disclosure and transparency by all parties.


The objectives of the new stakeholder engagement panel will include, but not be limited to:


  1. A full review of current flight path proposals and rationale
  2. Establishing alternative agreed flight paths which will have least impact on communities
  3. Ensuring transparent, effective and representative community consultation with communities affected by agreed flight paths
  4. Ensuring comprehensive environmental, social and noise impact studies are undertaken on areas that will be affected by agreed flight paths


FPF believes the benefit of a forming a Stakeholder Engagement Panel is that it will mitigate conflict, reduce regulatory time frames, improve community relations, establish credibility and improve public relations.



FPF has its own fundraising account and all funds deposited to this account will be used for administrative and legal costs associated with future actions taken by FPF on behalf of its individual members and the residents associations represented.


The incorporated residents’ associations that we currently represent include:


Castaways Beach Residents Association Inc.

Friends of Lake Weyba Inc.

Friends of Marcus Beach Inc.

Noosa Hinterland Residents Association Inc.

Peregian Beach Community Association Inc.

Peregian Family and Friends Association Inc.

Yandina Creek Progress Association Inc.


Our aligned and represented community associations are also fundraising, with monies going direct to their own associations. Associations will make a donation to FPF as they see fit, taking account of their own administrative costs. FPF is grateful for all donations made by individuals and residents associations towards the legal costs for action it may take on behalf of all affected residents and communities.


Over $6,000 has already been raised directly into the FPF account for legal purposes. Association collections take the total funds raised to around $10,000.  A few more generous pledges have also been offered and we eagerly look forward to receiving these.


Peregian Family and Friends Association have set up a crowd funding page specifically in support of this issue. They have generously covered all costs associated with this fundraising avenue:


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Donations can also be made directly to the FPF fundraising account:


Acc. Name: Flight Path Forum               BSB: 064-153                      Acc. No: 1015 1693


Thank You!



Please continue to advise elected representatives of your concerns, write letters to the local paper, especially Sunshine Coast Daily, join us on 22 June at our public meeting and follow our Facebook page!


State MP’s                                   Sandy Bolton                               Dan Purdie                            Hon Cameron Dick – MP State Development                          David Crisafulli – Shadow MP Environment                                Hon Leeanne Enoch – MP Environment                                Julieanne Gilbert – Assist. MP State Development

Federal MP’s

Ted.O’                                     Member for Fairfax                                     Member for Wide Bay                        Hon Michael McCormack Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development


Please keep a copy of any correspondence you send to ASA, SCC, NSC, MP’s or other representatives – it will be useful in the future if we are able to access a wealth of communications to support further action.