The Noosa Shire is a true jewel in the crown of Australian Eco tourism and deserves to be protected.

We respectfully request the following:

There was absolute  late or lack of notice to residents of community consultation sessions and the lack of preparedness of ASA in providing appropriate and clear information to residents.

2. Conduct a comprehensive independent assessment of the social, visual, environmental and economic impacts on all communities north of Mt Coolum who will be seriously and permanently affected by the proposed flight paths. This was not carried out in the 2014 EIS;

3. Conducting an independent study of baseline ambient noise levels and undertaking independent comprehensive air quality baseline measurements of areas beneath and in the environs of the proposed flight paths north of Mt Coolum. This was not carried out in the 2014 EIS;

4. Instruct Air Services Australia to make public their Targeted Environmental Assessment undertaken during proposed flight path development;

5. Instruct Air Services Australia to investigate new flight path options to the north west of the runway to minimise environmental and social impacts to communities to the north of the airport and avoid the Noosa region altogether;


External               Queensland Coordinator-General 
South East Queensland Coordinator-General Regional Office .                                                         Australian Noise Aircraft Noise Ombudsman                                   Sandy Bolton                          David Crisafulli – Shadow MP Environment                                Hon Leeanne Enoch – MP Environment                            Hon Cameron Dick – MP State Development                                Julieanne Gilbert – Assistant MP State Development                               Daniel Purdie – Member for Ninderry

Ted.O’                                     Member for Fairfax                                     Member for Wide Bay                                      Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development                        Michael McCormack, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport


Sunshine Coast Council                     Mayor              Chief Executive Officer                                           James Ruprai – Customer Engagement & Planning                     Division 10 -Yandina, Ninderry               Division 9 – Verrierdale, Peregian, Weyba Yandina Creek                           Division 8 – Coolum, Marcoola, Mudjimba                   Division 7 – Buderim                Division 6 – Mountain Creek, Sippy Downs                             Division 3 –  Currimundi, Little Mountain


Noosa Council                            Mayor                                              FAO Brett de Chastel – Chief Executive Officer                                              FAO Kim Rawlings – Director Environment & Sustainable Development                                  Deputy Mayor                                 Councillor                                 Councillor                             Councillor                                Councillor                               Councillor



Please keep a copy of any correspondence you send to ASA, SCC, NSC MP’s or other representatives – it will be useful in the future if we are able to access a wealth of communications to support further action.

Comments from Petition to Noosa Council

We’ve added the comments from people who supported a community petition to the Noosa Council asking for more time, an independant EIS and a curfew. View the link to the petition and all of the comments here:  FLIGHT PATH PETITION

Really think the flight path plans need to be completely rejigged. Its not rocket science .. wait .. it might be, but anyway … there is time and a need to get this right. Protect the Biosphere.


Im signing because the flightpath is not what was agreed. People live in the Noosa Biosphere because they want to be close to nature and take care of nature, this is the opposite of that!


“But the plans were on display . . .”
“On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”
“That’s the display department.”

“With a torch.”
“Ah, well the lights had probably gone.”
“So had the stairs.”
“But look, you found the notice, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard.”


Name Goes Here


As a resident of the Nooosa Shire imagine my complete shock upon learning that a major domestic and international flight path was proposed to go over my roof. This major development was known by very few people, the information supplied was difficult to find, if you could find it at all. It didn’t show on any buyer searches and the fact is the majority of people didn’t have a clue…

Name withheld for privacy reasons

The EIS is just the start of it. We live in mudjimba, recently residents were invited by letter to information sessions (via a letterbox drop). Would have loved to have gone but no residents could because we all received the invitation five days after the date of the session. Not the first time it’s happened. This is just one example of many.


The difference with the current runway is the residents bought into those areas knowing that they have a flight path over them !!! We bought & lived in our area north of airport for 12 years not being told that there would be a new runway ( that was to be an east west runway NOT a north west runway that they are building ? )
Apparently we only live here & the Sunshine Coast Council couldn’t care a stuff about our lives !! We have lived & worked & contributed to our beautiful coast … why SSCC are you so deceitful !!!😱


It’s illogical to have such a low altitude descent and sharp banked ascent so close to coastal homes, lakes and ecologically significant areas. Why are there ANY flight paths from Sydney and Melbourne crossing the coast north of the airport anyway. Surely the path with least impact would come from the WEST anyway. This simply makes no sense and causes unnecessary impact on humans, wildlife and the environment. A proper explanation must be sought, then the reasons and alternatives rationally assessed.


It is unacceptable that under the name of “tourism” we let some people destroy the natural beauty of our country. Wildlife, fauna & flora of Australia are one of a kind, many species are endemic and endangered, and yet government has approved the 5th international in Queensland. What is the vision of it? What projects do they have in mind that will fuel the volume and type of tourism that they are opening with these new flightpaths? A casino in Maroochydore? We do not want mass tourism, we do not want mass consumption, we do not want Maroochydore to become international. We want to take care of the land what we’ve been gifted with and blessed to live in. We must protect it at all cost.