Please state clearly that you OPPOSE ALL OF THE PROPOSED FLIGHT PATHS north of Coolum and that they must be reviewed.   

You can use the following points as a guide to help substantiate why you feel concerned about these issues. Please ensure you include the reference to the source of this information and try to put this information into your own words.

  • N60/N70 Noise contours (Ref: EIS Appendix D3:B– N60 and N70 contours)


Total 120 maps showing N70 and N60 noise contours – Only 4 of these extend beyond a 5km radius from the airport and show the N60 contour. EIS Appendix D3:B – N60 and N70 Contours page 120 has a note in the top left is as follows: “Contours beyond this region are independent of scenario and thus not relevant to the project”, indicating flight path impacts over newly affected communities have not been considered as relevant by proponents and noise impact studies were not undertaken. 


  • Ambient Noise Levels Ref: Terms of reference (TOR) 5.1.2 Page 18


The TOR states that noise should be assessed against typical background levels – EIS noise modelling does not state that the predicted noise levels have been assessed against these criteria, therefore are likely invalid, inaccurate or at least misleading. Noise levels and the impacts could be much higher, particularly for those in newly affected communities living in low background noise level rural, elevated, or open areas, or near lakes under the flight path.

An aircraft below 3000ft in landing or take off mode will be loud. The other factors are time overhead and the frequency of flights. The disturbance to areas, long settled before the new runway construction, in disturbing resident’s normal communication is relevant.  Recently published information, now advising that noise levels will be above 60dB(A) and 70dB(A) in these areas, is a concern. More testing to establish the ambient/resting noise levels in these areas is needed and more modelling done to establish the signal-to-noise ratios during planes in landing and take-off modes.

Up to date dB(A) levels were not provided in conjunction with flight path maps prior to the Verrierdale session.

Evidence to substantiate why you have a concern on a particular issue can come from any source – but please add reference details to any quotes to ensure ASA take it seriously and review fully.

We will send out further details with regards to the EIS and ASA literature to help you find evidence that proves you have a right to be concerned, along with some examples. If you need assistance with a particular concern, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist.

We are still encouraging everyone to send a copy of their submissions to – for transparency from both Airservices Australia and Sunshine Coast Regional Council.