Flight Path Forum have undertaken a preliminary round of noise measurements in flight path affected areas. 

Baseline noise measurements are an important step in assessing the degree of change in the noise environment once the airport is back to operational capacity.

The terms of reference for the Environment Impact Statement (EIS) stated that ambient baseline noise measurements were to be undertaken in areas that would be potentially affected by the new flight paths. 

Neither Sunshine Coast Council or Airservices Australia undertook these measurements.

Flight Path Forum requested that Sunshine Coast Airport and Airservices Australia undertake noise monitoring in areas affected by the new flight paths, both declined to do so. 

“The EIS must include information and discussion about peak noise, frequency of the overflights, and the times of day overflights could occur. The EIS must also compare maximum aircraft noise levels with existing ambient noise levels and characteristics and discuss the effects of changes in noise exposure.

The above information must be provided for the current situation and also for 20 years from the operational date, to present a clear picture of the potential changes that may be brought about in the acoustic environment.”

(Source: Contents of the EIS for Australian Government matters Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project: Terms of reference for an environmental impact statement, Section 3.6, 2012)