A letter from former Noosa Councillor Vivien Griffen to Jess Glasgow:

Dear Cr. Glasgow,
It was unfortunate you were unable to attend the Peregian Beach public meeting with respect to flight paths last Saturday, particularly given your role on the Sunshine Coast Airport Community Forum.  I do understand that it was quite late notice.
However, I note your comments in the Noosa News today, and seek your response to my questions below at your earliest convenience:
  1. How long have you been the Noosa representative on the Sunshine Coast Airport Community Forum?
  2. Has the issue of flight paths for the new runway been on the Agenda, and what documentation (reports/responses) is available regarding this? What views on behalf of Noosa residents have you expressed at the Forum regarding this matter?
  3. Caloundra Community Forum has local community group representation (see below).  What local Noosa community groups are represented on the Sunshine Coast Community Forum?
  4. If there are none, have you ever sought such representation on behalf of your constituents?
  5. You are reported in the Noosa News as stating: “We could all agree that a curfew would be just as good a solution [as changing the flight paths],” Cr Glasgow said.  Whilst all residents are agreed on the need for a statutory curfew, on what basis of consultation with residents do you assert that it is agreed that this is “just as good a solution as changing the flight paths”?
  6. You are also reported as saying: “changing the flight paths at this stage in the expansion project in the face of public uproar might not be achievable, and no matter where they were routed would affect residents.”  a) Can you please advise of your previous experience with respect to changing flight paths that gives you the confidence to express this view, and b)  is it one that you provide as the Noosa Council representative on the Community ?
 I await your response at your earliest convenience.
Vivien Griffin
Marcus Beach resident
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