According to this article below, issued by a “spokeswoman” at the Sunshine Coast Council, which mirrors a response from the ASA about “extensive” community consulation in 2014…..


A criticism is that we should have known about the flight paths in 2014. We agree that we should have known. Northern suburbs newly affected by the flight paths includes (according to a 3km flight path width) over 3,400 homes. Here are the figures from the EIS consultation period of 2012-2014.

* 1135 people registered to receive more information. Of these, northern suburbs accounted for less than a 1/4 of stakeholders – see the pie chart on stakeholders below – .where is the postcode 4573??

* On the EIS, there is no mention of coastal beaches residents as being stakeholders, anywhere, despite the “primary flightpath” going over newly affected residences in these suburbs
* A direct mail information newsletter was not distributed to these areas.
* 2 shopping centre display kiosks in northern areas. There were 6 in total and none had a display of the flight paths. Geographically, neither of the shopping centre displays were in the immediate vicinity of affected coastal communities, but were otherwise located past other more immediate shopping precincts where those residents would be likely to visit
* The kiosks generated 55 enquiries in total.
* Only 1 of the 3 community information sessions were held in the north, located at Yandina. It attracted 13 attendees.
* Three community meetings were held, including one at Eumundi and one at Yandina.

On the 01 April 2019 the Verrierdale Resident’s Association and friends distributed a flyer to coastal communities, WITH A MAP OF THE FLIGHT PATHS. Two days later over 200 people attended the information session held by Airservices and Sunshine Coast Council at Coolum.

Following this information distribution and media exposure, hundreds of people attended sessions thereafter. Airservices and Sunshine Coast Council had to respond by increasing available staff, information boards and handouts.

All it took was one map, delivered to affected residents.

Following this, it took the residents to organise their own information sessions – one in the hinterland, another beachside –  with once again a turnout of over 400 people at Peregian Community Centre – from one simple letterbox drop….