Are you going to be under the flight path? Check out the current data for where the plans fly on the current runway flight paths. These actual flight lines cover more than the 1km and 3km band which are used to calculate how many residents will be affected by the noise in the EIS.

The red paths are the jet aircraft arrivals from 2017 Q1, and the green paths are the jet aircraft departures from 2017 Q1.

The proposed paths shown in these fact sheet images show a 1km width. If the planes fly outside of these lines as seems to currently be the case, you can bet surrounding communities not directly under a path such as Peregian Beach, Sunshine Beach, Noosa, Tewantin, Doonan, Eumundi and Cooroy will also experience overflights.

Departures and ArrivalsĀ  from the current Sunshine Coast Airport. Every line is an overflight from Q1, 2017.

How wide do you estimate those flight paths to be???