Members of Flight Path Forum were briefed by Airservices on the impending release of documents regarding the community consultation feedback. Feedback will be supplied over three seperate reports and timeframes.

We will be supplying a list of questions for Airservices once we have read the report and the long awaited TEIA. So get to reading and put your questions on this post. Airservices staff follow this page so they will also see it firsthand (Hi Airservices 👋).

Summary of Feedback – Part 1 covers the hinterland and outer areas and is available to view now with the TEIA 

Summary of Feedback – Part 2 will cover the coastal areas and be released on the 30th June.

Lastly, Consideration of Feedback which is a summary report on how feedback was considered in shaping the final flight path designs will be released in early July 2019.