Future planning, potential return, cost – the recent announcement the current runway will be completely decommissioned, which seems nonsensical…. Unless it’s possibly slated for redevelopment as part of the package / agreement under the lease arrangement, which seems evident from the attached article? Which therefore limits the flight path alternatives even more….Read on…links attached….

Sunshine Coast Council’s largest construction project will now get underway, with council today announcing John Holland has been awarded a contract worth around $225 million

The $225 million construction contract is the largest package of works in the project.

Current estimates for the whole project sit at $303 million, including design, environmental offsets and works undertaken to date.

Delivery of the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project is being supported by loans from the Australian Government and the Queensland Treasury Corporation, which will be repaid from the proceeds that Council receives from its commercial partner, Palisade Investment Partners, in 2022.


Sunshine Coast will lease Maroochydore airport for 99 years, council to be paid $605m

Who will pay who what at the airport?

Palisade will make total lease payments of $82 million to Sunshine Coast Council for the airport.

Of that, $67 million will be paid by September 2017.

Palisade will also pay $290 million by the time the new runway is completed in 2022.

Palisade will also pay $205 million, 5 per cent of airport’s gross earnings, to the Sunshine Coast Council as rent for the facility over the 99-year lease.

Palisade will manage the future development of the airport, saving Sunshine Coast Council $28 million.

The Sunshine Coast Council will pay $319 million for the construction of the new airstrip.