WOW! Over 3,500 submissions! Well done community.

Just to be clear, Flight Path Forum didn’t encourage submissions to push for flights to go over northern routes as the article suggests. We have been asking for extended consultation – which has been denied, we asked for proper process to be followed in regards to environmental, noise and social impact assessment reports, we asked for an alternative flight path to be devised that would have the minimum impacts to all communities and environments.

We await the report response and the actions that will be taken by Airservices and Sunshine Coast Council.

The SUNSHINE COAST DAILY ARTICLE  content for those who can’t open it.

“MORE than 3500 people have made submissions to Airservices Australia about the controversial proposed flight path at the expanded Sunshine Coast Airport.

A fiery consultation period for the 2450m new runway’s proposed flight path ended on April 30 after multiple community engagement sessions across the region.

Residents banded together in response to the release of proposed flight paths, which would have low-flying jets pass over populated suburbs in the northern Sunshine Coast and Noosa shires.

Hundreds of residents turned out to recent meetings and some even protested at Sunshine Coast Council chambers against them.

Most concerns centred around the proposed new primary flight path, which would see jets fly over Peregian Beach, Castaways Beach and Marcus Beach regularly at 3000ft (914m).

Residents pushed to have the new primary flight path replaced with a more northern route, on which jets would pass over less-populated areas of Tinbeerwah, Cooroibah and Noosa North Shore.

Noosa Council and residents’ requests to have a one-month extension to the Airservices Australia consultation period were denied.

An Airservices Australia spokeswoman said more than 3500 submissions were received during the six-week consultation period.

“Airservices also received a number of submissions forwarded through alternative channels and submissions forwarded by State Government, Electorate Offices and the Sunshine Coast Council,” the spokeswoman said.

“These submissions are being reviewed and assessed.”

Airservices will release a Summary of Feedback “in due course”, outlining the community consultation activities, feedback it received regarding the proposed change and how it would be considered.”